3 Takeaways from SharpTop Cove '13

This past weekend, me and over 400 other kids and leaders went to Jasper, GA for our annual Fall Young Life Camp. Here are three takeaways from the weekend: 

1. No matter how old you get (and I feel like I'm getting older these days since I can't stay up til 3am like I used to) it is still so much fun to go to camp. Gotta love tug of war.


2. Only when we are honest and vulnerable, with ourselves and others, will we have a chance to live life to the full. These guys are helping me see that more and more.


3. The chocolate chip cookie cake with ice cream is the best dessert in America. Like, for real...it's the best. You could go, just for that, and it would be worth it. If you can go to camp next year, go. There is a great chance that it will be the best weekend you have all year. Check it out at sharptopcove.younglife.org.