When Due Dates Come And Go

Well, it's November 26th. It's cold and rainy outside, as I write this, and we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of two new members of our family. 

Baby James' due date was November 25th and it has, obviously, come and gone. No baby. My goal to have the record, Light In The Dark, finished was the end of October. #majorfail

And so, we wait. But in this season of thanks and giving, there is much to be thankful for. Not the least of which, is the fact that God is freeing both Amanda and I, of timelines that we set for ourselves...super tough lesson to learn. I am especially thankful, too, that we had our 40 week check up yesterday, and James and Amanda are doing great.

So, though I know a lot of you guys are waiting along with us, I assure you that there is in fact a baby who is almost ready to come join us, and a record that is almost ready, as well. Stay tuned for updates on both fronts (yes Mom, I promise I will let you know:) and thank you for your love and prayers. Happy Tuesday!