Debut Album - Light In The Dark

First, I'll start by saying thanks. Thanks for reading this and thanks for checking in on what is going on. It means a lot. Blogging is somewhat uncomfortable for me. I don't feel like I have a lot to say or that I'm all that interesting, but I've seen the value in blogging, and I have been blessed by friends who share their lives, in word and picture, via their blog. So...this is me giving it a shot. 

The big news in my world is that we are releasing an album! It will be called 'Light In The Dark' (I'll get into that in a later post) and it will be comprised of 14 new songs. To say the least...I AM EXCITED! I have written or co-written 13 of the 14 songs, over a period of the last two years and will be working with my good buddy, Mike Proctor, to make the record. Mike's the man, and I'm excited for you to hear what he can do.

Facebook Promo.JPG

Along with recording, we will be booking a number of dates to help promote it and take these songs out to you guys. If you might be interested in booking a show, shoot me an email ( and we can talk through some details. For more info about the album and how you can be a part it, visit our indiegogo page here - I promise I'll write more and keep you updated as we go along on this journey, but for now, that's all I got. Again, you guys are awesome and thanks for stopping in.