For The Record

We'll be spending next week in the studio as we begin recording for the debut album, 'Light In The Dark', and I'm pretty excited, to say the least! 

Before we get in, I figured I'd give you a little window into where the hot beats will be laid down. It will be at the studio formerly and currently known as....

bobbycool - se2

I stopped in for a visit a couple of weeks back and this place is awesome. Really cool vibe. Now I can't necessarily speak for the guy that will be singing on the album, but I know that we are going to get some great sounds from the musicians.

bobbycool - se1

The studio has been around since the late 60's, so naturally, it has seen a thing or two over the years - History of Sound Emporium 

bobbycool - se3

The discography of projects that have been recorded is a who's who of popular music. Here is a link to the list that they give on their website - Client List

I've got to say though, of all of the projects they have listed, this is probably the one that I'm most proud to say that I've recorded where they did. 

bobbycool - chip

Love the cover pic, too, of Alvin downing some root beer like a boss. 

So that's your 30 second introduction to Sound Emporium. We'll be taking some pics in the studio and possibly some video, as well, so you'll get to see a little bit more in the coming days. Happy Thursday!