Feeling The Love

For most of the month of May, I was running a fundraising campaign through the indiegogo platform - igg/me/at/bobbycool. The funds we were raising will make my first full length album, which will be titled 'Light In The Dark'. 

Throughout the process of doing all this, God was working in me as I struggled with the fear of not hitting our goal, while hearing the voices that said, "you suck", "you're never going to be good enough to do this", and "if you don't hit your goal your a big failure and everyone will laugh at you". As much as I know that it is a lie, it's tough to not listen sometimes. It's also especially hard not to listen to the lies when you are feeling overwhelmed by everything that goes into actually making the thing.

Bobby Cool Fundraiser Success

But let me tell you, when you get the support, that I have, from your fans, friends, and family, it is hard not to feel overcome with gratitude and thankfulness. Of course, I am thankful that we reached our goal. What a huge accomplishment that was! But I am just as thankful for the support that I received from everyone who believes in what we're doing.

I was talking with a buddy yesterday about fear and how crippling fear can be for us. How it can totally zap any creative juices that you might have going or will flat out prevent you from doing something. (Side note - our conversation made me think of the book, Start by Jon Acuff. Part of the tagline for the book is, 'Punch Fear In The Face', and I love that picture) But what I want to say about it is, that you guys have helped me punch fear in the face. Through your support, we are actually going to make this thing happen!

Next Monday and Tuesday, we get into the studio and bring the songs to life. 'Light In The Dark' will happen and it will happen because you jumped on board. You said, "heck yeah man, let's do this". We're doing this. It's happening because of you. Thank you.