New Jersey: Top 3 Takeaways

This week's post comes with a little flavor from the Northeast. Amanda and I left Nashville Thursday afternoon, bound for Lambertville, NJ, to play a wedding for the Hooven/Parros clans. The plan was to leave around 1pm (we left at 5pm) get in to Roanoke, VA around dinner time (we got in at 1:30am) and check out the scenery when we arrived (we went to bed). We were off to a good start. We woke up Friday, though, and hit the ground running. 

Farm country

Here were the three biggest takeaways from our time spent in the great state of New Jersey:

1) When God makes a rainbow, He doesn't mess around

2) The TV show 'Jersey Shore' is a poor representation for the rest of the state. The people are awesome and the landscape is beautiful.  

3) Everything is better when you get to share it with family and friends. 

Hope that you have a great 4th of July!