Finishing Vocals

We finished vocals this week. Well, kind of. We finished lead vocals this week. There are still back ground vocals to be had, along with the overdubbing of fiddle, piano, mandolin, and possibly banjo. Maybe sitar. Then again, probably not sitar. 

Though I often felt like beating my head against the wall because I couldn't sing the right vowel sound or annunciate properly or sing within the pocket so it sounded funny...I'm a better singer because of it.

So then, what's the timeline for the release, you might ask? That's a great question. It's also classified information that I don't even have access to yet. I can tell you this, though, it should be out this year. Probably even this Fall.

For now, I will leave you with a video that my friend, Kyle, is in with his new band. 

Happy Friday!