28 Days of Posts (Day 6) - When The Well Runs Dry

Track 3 on the record is a song called 'When The Well Runs Dry' and it was written with my buddy, Joseph Patton. He recently released an EP titled Up & Down, which I have been wearing out. Check out his stuff at - http://josephpattonmusic.com. He is the real deal.

Of all of the songs on the album, this one might have taken the longest to write. We had the melody and general idea for where we wanted the song to go, but just couldn't come up with a story that was believable. One writing session passed. Then two. We both fiddled around with it on our own and would bring what we'd worked on, but just couldn't seem to finish it.

Months had past, from when we first began to work on the song, and we felt like we were finally getting pretty close to finishing it up. We had two verses and a chorus but needed a bridge to tie everything together. I was driving to Nashville, early one morning, and listening to the work tape we had made a few weeks prior. A storm had just rolled in to town and the rain was starting to come down pretty hard. I was nearing my exit when I got to the end of the song, as we had it, and just started to hum. All of a sudden the line, "as the water it falls, I'm sinking down low, and I cannot help but feel so alone" came out, and just like that, we were done.

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