Life on the Rodeo

Got to spend this past weekend playing a rodeo in Jasper, AL and it...was...awesome. 

The road trip was our second as a family, which was a treat. James is settling in to being quite a road warrior...while Amanda is still getting used to it. We're being patient with her though.

Some highlights from the trip were:

1. Singing the national anthem. I got thrust into this roll at the last minute but have been to a few events where it has been sung. And I've seen the movie 'Angels In The Outfield', so that helped.

2. Getting to hang with farm animals. It was fun to see James get his first look at horses, donkeys, and bulls.

3. Playing in the back of a pickup truck in the middle of a rodeo arena. Never done that before but will hopefully get to do it again. Definitely a new experience. But again, awesome.

Here are a few pics from the weekend: