North Carolina

This past weekend was spent in Charlotte, High Point, and Chapel Hill, NC. I left early Thursday morning from Nashville so that I could make the gig later that afternoon, in Charlotte. I gave myself plenty of time to get out there so I could relax before it was time to play. Little did I know, I-40 was shut down, right outside of Knoxville, so I rolled in 10 minutes before the gig...but I made it.

High Point, NC was awesome because it was a trip down memory lane for me. My Grandad grew up in High Point, so I got the official grand tour and was able to see his old house, where he went to high school, where he got married, and other hot spots throughout HP. I also saw the route where he would walk to school, barefoot...two miles....uphill...both the snow. It really was tough back then, or so I've heard.

Chapel Hill, NC is a really cool city that reminds me a lot of Athens, GA (home of the finest institution in the land). The venue was Top of the Hill, which has a sweet view overlooking Chapel Hill. The night was great, there were good times to be had by all, and hopefully we'll make it back there soon.

Here are a few pics from the trip: