Cool Family News

First plane flight for James

Hey guys, I'm excited to announce that there are exciting developments coming for the Cool family. No, there is NOT another baby on the way. At the end of the month, my wife will leaving her job and officially stepping into the world of full-time mom-dom (that's not a word..but it should be). We are super excited/anxious/nervous and just about any other emotion that comes with making the jump. Overall though, we're ready to enter into this new season and see what God will do.

With that new season approaching, we've got a lot in the works musically too. We'll be releasing the next single (and a music video for it) by the end of the month and will be announcing new tour dates to coincide. There's a new Light In The Dark player, on the site, where you can listen to the entire record as much as you want > Listen here < and there is new music on the way too!

Hope summer has been treating you well and look forward to hopefully seeing you soon!