Top 5 Musical Influences

For some reason, working on new tunes has inspired me to go back and listen to some of my old favorites. This is a list I put together of my top 5 and a favorite song from each:

1. James Taylor 

  • Of all the artists out there, no one has had a bigger impact on the music I try to make.

2. Garth Brooks

  • As a complete package (singer, songwriter, performer), Garth is the man. 

3. Billy Joel 

  • Amanda and I went to see Billy Joel last year, in Nashville, and at sixty-something, the man has still got it.

4. George Strait 

  • 60+ number one songs probably says it all, but I just don't think anyone sings country music better than King George.

5. Pat Green

  • This one might be a surprise...but I first started playing guitar because of Pat Green. He was an early live show influence for me too.


I'd love to hear who your favorites too. Leave a comment below if you think there's someone I should go check out.