Day 28

28 Days of Posts (Day 28) - Release Day

It has been nearly one year since we first began this project and one baby, 14 songs, and a whole lot of hours later...Light In The Dark has officially launched.

Thank you to everyone who made this possible. I could not have done it without you and will be forever thankful. 

A special thanks to: Talley Wright and Carolyn Greene, Denise and Ralph Genesi, Nancy and Paul Via, Arden and Bob Buckley, Megan and Barrett Santi, Mary DeCelles, Dan Buckley, Susie and Bill Penick, Barbara and Larry Brownlee, Allison & Greg Moldovan, Katie and Robby Painter, Linda and Dave Larson, Kristin and Ray Cool, Janet and Ladd Hagmeier, Barbara and Frank Milon, Jack Davis, Jeff Baldwin, Matt Larson, Jennifer Larson, Jamie Cool, Casey and Michael Callahan, Terri and Bob Cool, Susan and Tom Delia, Betsy Wells, Eleanor Cool, Rob Prentice, Kathy and Don Lazas, Kathy and Shaun Callahan.

Thank you to the cast and crew: Mike Proctor, Matthew Melton, Tommy Perkinson, Mark Trussel, Josh Matheny, Kyle Aaron, Sterling Abernathy, Matt Menefee, Katie Basdan, Barrett Santi, Hunter Mize, Joseph Patton, Taylor Jones, and the Sea Gayle Bible Study Choir. 

I hope that you guys enjoy the music. I hope that it brings life and joy and I hope that we get to hang real soon. 

Here is a behind the scenes look, set to the first single - Dancing In The Rain.


Light In The Dark - Making The Record