Day 4

28 Days of Posts (Day 4) - The Acoustic Sampler

On our 28 days series, thus far, we have previewed 'Don't Sink My Ship' and 'Wings Of An Angel', and given a little bit of back story for each. Today, we're going to change it up a bit by previewing the Light In The Dark: Acoustic Sampler. The sampler is comprised of 5 songs: Down Here, Breaks Down On Me, When The Well Runs Dry, Take A Ride With Me, and Wings Of An Angel.

We actually recorded most of the sampler after we had recorded the record, which you might think would be kind of backwards. And it might be. I still have yet to receive an instruction manual for how to do this, so bear with me. 

One reason we recorded the acoustic sampler was because I have always loved hearing different versions of songs, from my favorite artists. And so, wanted to at least give you guys the option to hear them acoustically. Hope you like what you hear and would love to know which song is your favorite so far. 

Light In The Dark: Acoustic Sampler

Note: Pre-order the album on iTunes before April 22nd and get the Acoustic Sampler and over $40 in extras, FREE! Click here to go to the Pre-Order page, on the website, and claim your extras.