Day 7

28 Days of Posts (Day 7) - Opening Up

A friend of mine emailed me last week asking how things were going with the release and wanted to know what my favorite part of this process has been and what the hardest part has been. And to be honest, I hadn't really given it much thought. 

After sitting with it for a minute, I told her my favorite part was seeing the songs come to life. And it has been. It is super fun to start with an idea, piece together chords and lyrics, and ultimately feel like you hit what you were aiming at when you started the song. 

The hardest part, if I am being completely honest, has been dealing with my own insecurities. Wanting to know whether or not the songs are any good, wondering what people will think of them or me, and hoping that I'm doing something that matters are just a few of the battles that I have had to fight with my heart and my head. 

However, despite the doubt and fear that can creep up, I have been overwhelmingly encouraged. I'm excited that we're coming up to the start of something new and am excited to see what happens next. I hope that God will continue to work in me, so my insecurities may be less and less until, one day, maybe they will just go away. We'll see. Until then, I hope you are liking what you're hearing thus far, from our preview of the record.

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