Day 9

28 Days of Posts (Day 9) - Breaks Down On Me

'Breaks Down On Me' is a story of a guy who gets dumped by his girl. And we get to observe the different emotions he feels while he goes from being pissed off to being heart broken. The song is also somewhat of a description of what I was doing, the morning I wrote it.

I'll explain.

It begins with the line, "she left me this morning...and she didn't have much to say". Amanda and I were living in East Nashville, at the time, and she had just left for work. I was sitting at the desk in our kitchen and was messing around on the guitar. We weren't in a fight or anything, but it was early. She was tired. I was tired. So we didn't say much, and then she left. Not long after she had pulled out of the driveway, I started to sing, "she left me this morning..."

I continued to play and the melody for the song pretty much wrote itself. When I got to the end of the first verse, I sang "breaks down on me". I don't know why, but it felt right.

Since it was early, I was finishing a cup of coffee and was about to pour another. The second verse starts, "Well I'm finishing one cup of coffee and I'm bout to be working on two..."

The rest, as they say, is history. Here is the actual demo of the song, that I recorded not long after I finished writing it.

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